Use of Nets – Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Bookings and use of the nets are for members of Royal Ascot Cricket Club only – and can only be used when there is a Club Representative overseeing the nets
  2. Net bookings are for one hour for one lane . This allows for 50 minutes of net practice followed by 10 minutes cleandown / change-over time ahead of the next of participants.
  3. Bookings can only be made online. NO ONE will be allowed to turn up on the day to use nets without prior booking, even if a booking space is shown on the online system.
  4. Before you turn up for your net booking, all participants should check for symptoms of COVID-19. If you are symptomatic, living in a household
    with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely
    vulnerable on health grounds, then you must remain at home and follow
    Government guidance.
  5. You can exercise outdoors on your own, with members of your household or with one other person from outside your household while keeping two metres apart at all times. You must only exercise in groups of no more than four people, including if you are exercising exclusively with members of your household.
  6. Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household).
  7. Only one-to-one coaching is permitted per session.
  8. Nets are used on an ‘every other’ basis, the middle net is free between nets 1 and 3.
  9. The clubhouse is NOT open to those using the nets. The clubhouse may be open for use of the club representative overseeing the net sessions and bookings for access to the first aid kit and other activities and by the club groundsman to carry out their duties. To minimise contamination no one else will be able to use the clubhouse facilities.
  10. No indoor activity at all.
  11. You must use your own equipment. No equipment can be shared
  12. No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.
  13. Wash hands at home before and after using the outdoor facilities. Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible.
  14. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms after the net session please contact a club representative so that we can ensure contact tracing can be enabled.
  15. All other Royal Ascot Cricket Club policies and procedures apply.


At this time the use of outdoor facilities is only permitted for people from the same household, for individuals using the facilities alone, or for a maximum of two people from different households who are maintaining recommended social distancing measures.

It is important to remember that the following advice still applies and that all participants, those operating the nets and those maintaining the grounds of these rules:

  • Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature above 37.8 °C, a
    persistent cough, breathing problems or other symptoms identified by the
    Government – note that the release of a new Government symptom-checking app
    is anticipated shortly) must stay at home and self-isolate in accordance with the Government guidance here.
  • All members of the same household must do the same even if they do not display symptoms.
  • Those with an underlying health condition which makes them ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ must stay at home.
  • People aged 70 and over are advised to minimise their contact with others outside of their household.
  • Social distancing is key to minimising transmission of COVID-19, maintaining a distance of two metres between people still applies if individuals are not from the same household