Colts Cricket Training Session – Week 6

Dear Players,

I hope that you have had a nice half term break from home schooling. Hopefully it has given you more time to play cricket and try out some of the exercises and challenges from the Colts Cricket training sessions.

As mentioned in the last report the cricket nets are now available to book via from June 1st the available session times are as follows – 2pm-8pm Monday to Thursday & 10am-7pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Note: You can book up to 14 days in advance, but there is a cut off and no new bookings will be taken 24 hours before the session.

Leon Robinson has made himself available for 121 coaching sessions at a cost of £30 per hour. These sessions can be booked online for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – 3pm – 6pm. You must select the column Net 3 with Coaching (£30).

We hope you continue to enjoy the access to the nets and please continue to use them responsibly under the guidance of the Club volunteer.
Please find this week’s training session from Royal Ascot Cricket Club Colts below.

Hopefully you will have already completed the challenges from last week. They are also available on the club website so you can revisit them.

Enjoy and have fun!

This week we are focusing on:
1. Exercises and Games for the Nets
2. Batting – T20 Cricket Batting Tips
3. Bowling – How to Bowl Faster
4. Fielding – Fun Games and Drills

1. Exercises and Games for the Nets

The ‘Nets’ are an ideal place to train your technique and have lots of chances to have lots of goes without having to go fetch the ball from the other side of the field or over the garden fence!

Here are a few points to make the most of your training session.

Ensure that you are bowling/batting from the correct length. They have been marked out for you

• U9 (softball) – 15 yards
• U9/U10/U11 (hardball) – 17 yards
• U12 – 18 yards
• U13 – 19 yards
• U14/U15 (Girls) – 20 yards
• U14 (Boys) – 21 yards
• U15/U17 (Boys) & U17 (Girls) – 22 yards

  • Stretch and warm up properly
  • Plan a few ideas bowling, batting and fielding prior to your slot.
  • Take a few tennis balls and start with bobble feeds

When Batting use cones or markers to act as targets and scoring
e.g. 10pts blue, 20pts yellow, 5 bonus points for an excellent cut or pull shot.

When Bowling at a batsman set your own scoring system
e.g. 10pts for a play and miss, 10pts for hitting the pads and 20pts for a wicket

1. Batting – T20 Cricket Batting Tips

2. Bowling – How to Bowl Faster

The Run Up –

3. Fielding – Fun Games and Drills

Additional activities

You are the Umpire!

This week we are looking at the Fair Catch & Boundary Catching.

Law 33 Fair Catch Law 33

Boundary Catching Laws 19 & 33

You can practice this catch by putting a marker behind you during your catching drills.

RACC Pavilion

Hopefully we will see start to see you down at the club nets, please make sure you follow all the guidance when attending. While you are waiting for next week’s session, take the opportunity to sit back in the ‘virtual pavilion’ and watch ‘Best Moments Of the Decade’

Part 1 2010 to 2015

Don’t forget to get the house involved in a game of family cricket, it is a great break from home schooling and working from home. If you can get out, take your cricket bat and a ball!

See you next week!

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