Colts Cricket Training Session – Week 1

We hope you’re keeping well.

Please find Week 1’s training session from Royal Ascot Cricket Club Colts below.

Hopefully you will have already completed the challenges found on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If not there is still time for you to give them a go and send us your attempts.

This week we are focusing on:

1. Batting – Front Foot Drive
2. Bowling – Seam Bowling
3. Fielding – Throwing

Enjoy and have fun!

1. Batting – Front Foot Drive

Masterclass – Kevin Pietersen

2. Bowling – Seam and Fast Bowling

Masterclass – James Anderson

3. Fielding


Additional activities

1. You are the Umpire!

In this section we will get to know to laws of the game ready for the new season.

U8/U9 Laws of pairs cricket

There are 8-12 players in a team, organised into pairs. Each batting pair bats for 2 overs, and then the next pair come into bat. Every fielder bowls 1 over (an over is 6 balls). Runs are scored by changing ends with your batting partner.

U10-U16 Laws of the game

There are 11 ways of getting out in cricket, can you name them all?

Bowled, caught, stumped, hit the ball twice, hit the wicket, obstructing the field, timed-out, leg before wicket (LBW), handled the ball, run out, retired.

2. Extras

In cricket we don’t normally like extras! But in this case, these are some activities for the U13-U16 players that want to work tactically on their game.

U13-U16 Tactical challenges

There are several attachments available covering 5 tactical scenarios. Take a look at them and consider how you’d approach that ball. An example has been given for scenario 1 to help you get started.

There are no right or wrong answers. Think about:

1. What’s MY best ball for that situation?
2. What’s the field set for that ball?

RACC Pavilion

While you are waiting for next week’s session, take the opportunity to sit back in the ‘virtual pavilion’ and watch the 8 minute highlights of England’s fantastic win against New Zealand in the 2019 Cricket World Cup final.

See you next week!

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Play Cricket.

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