Colts Cricket Training Session – Week 2

Please find this week’s training session from Royal Ascot Cricket Club Colts below.

Hopefully you will have already completed the challenges from last week.  Enjoy and have fun!

This week we are focusing on:
1. Batting – Playing Spin
2. Bowling – Bowling Spin
3. Fielding – Catching

1. Batting

Masterclass: Playing Spin

Mahela Jayawardene

Kevin Pietersen

2. Bowling – Spin

Shane Warne – In the Ashes Zone

Nathan Lyon Masterclass – Off Spin

3. Fielding

Masterclass: Slip catching analysis – Matt Prior

Additional activities

You are the Umpire!

U8/U9 Laws of pairs cricket

When you are batting in your pairs, you are in for normally in for a total or 2 overs if playing a 8 over match. In some club matches you may play in 12-16 over matches which means you play 3 or 4 overs together.

If you or your partner is out during this time don’t worry, you are able to continue but the side lose –5 runs. This means you continue to play your shots and improve your running between the stumps.

With the scoring starting on 200 runs you will get your score up in no time. You need to be careful while bowling as a wide or no ball will give the batting +2 runs every time!

U10-U16 Laws of the game

This week we are looking at the Leg Before Wicket (LBW) – rule. 36.


U13-U16 Tactical challenges

Just as golfers sometimes have 3 or 5 club challenges where they can only take a limited number of clubs with them, as a batter what would be your “minimum” shots? While you are practising your shots select a total that you need to reach.

You can only play 3 shots. What are they?

What about 5 shots? Which shots haven’t you chosen? You now having a batting plan to suit your game.

RACC Pavilion

While you are waiting for next week’s session, take the opportunity to sit back in the ‘virtual pavilion’ and watch ‘AB de Villiers fastest 100 of all time’.

See you next week!

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Play Cricket

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