2020 Season Update – 2 May

The Berkshire Cricket Foundation have posted an update which you can find here

Online courses for umpiring and scoring are now being run which can be booked via the link above.

Virtual Fantasy Cricket League

The Virtual Fantasy Cricket League will be kicking off next week. You’ll be able to select teams from next Wednesday 6 May and have until midday on Saturday 9 May to select your team before the Week 1 matches (these will be based on the Thames Valley Cricket League fixtures.)

The reason for selection of players being available on that date (possibly earlier) is that anyone who says they want to enter a team (current players including colts, past players, friends of the club, family members etc.) in the league by the end of today (Saturday 2 May) will be able to be one of the 44 eligible players in these virtual matches.

After that – I will add existing players into the remaining spots.

You can still let us know that you want to join the league after Saturday 2 May – you just might not be a “named” player!

To make it easier for me to manage and to help those who forget to change their team – the 4 Royal Ascot teams will stay the same each week. And rain won’t stop play!

It will be a 9-week competition – based on the first 9 weeks of fixtures for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th XI in the Thames Valley Cricket League. They will all be 45 over matches for 1st, 2nd & 3rd XI and 40 over matches for the 4th XI. Note that the software used means a maximum of 9 overs per bowlers for 45 over matches and 8 overs for 40 over matches!

The matches will be based on the same software as the Test Matches which I have posted on the private Facebook Group.

The “player” prices will reflect the performance attributes I give on the software – but the performances and points will be decided by the software

If you would like to join the league can you e-mail me at marc.r.ames@gmail.com – the cost will be £30 payable to the club’s bank account online. I’ll send out the bank’s details next week and if you have any issues and need to pay offline or for any other reason then just contact me.

For more details on how the league works then visit the following pages:

https://royal-ascot.fantasyclubcricket.co.uk/ (Do NOT enter a team until Wednesday 6 May)


The money raised will be split 50% to help the club’s costs this season and 50% on the prizes (will announce details when number of players known).

Updates will be posted on the Fantasy League website on Saturday evening or Sunday morning (I will do my best to do as early as possible)

I will also update this website with scores and match reports just to add to the fun.

Please remember this is just for fun, I will run the matches as is and that the software will determine every player’s performance!

I will enter a team to support the club but while I promise that I will run the cricket matches after 12pm each Saturday, in the spirit of this league, if I win any prize money then it will go behind the bar to buy drinks for fellow fantasy league players when we’re allowed back at the club.

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