Colts Cricket Training Session – Week 3

Please find this week’s training session from Royal Ascot Cricket Club Colts below. Hopefully you will have already completed the challenges from last week. Enjoy and have fun!

This week we are focusing on:
1. Batting – Back Foot
2. Bowling – Swing
3. Fielding – High Catches

1. Batting – Back Foot
Masterclass: Alastair Cook back foot masterclass

Masterclass: Kevin Pietersen back foot masterclass

2. Bowling – Swing

You can make your own ‘Swing’ Ball with just tape and a ball, see the instructions below

Masterclass: Left arm swing – Wasim Akram

3. Fielding – High Catches

You are the Umpire!

U8/U9 Laws of pairs cricket

A batter may be out if:
– they or the ball hit their stumps when the ball is bowled
– they hit the ball in the air and it is caught
– they aren’t safely in their box when the fielders hit the stumps with the ball

U10-U16 Laws of the game

This week we are looking at the No Ball – Law 24.


U13-U16 – Mindset

Kevin Pietersen is doing LIVE cricket clinics every Friday on his YouTube channel. Last Friday he discussed all aspects to the right mindset. This included getting ready mentally before you go out, to keeping your concentration while in the middle.

Follow this link for last weeks and this week’s forthcoming content –

RACC Pavilion

While you are waiting for next week’s session, take the opportunity to sit back in the ‘virtual pavilion’ and watch Aaron Finch 156 off 63 against England

See you next week!

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Play Cricket

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