Colts Cricket Training Session – Week 4

Dear Players,

Please find this week’s training session from Royal Ascot Cricket Club Colts below. Hopefully you will have already completed the challenges from last week. They are also available on this so you can revisit them.

U9’s News! The ECB has launched a new cricket app for all children 8+ and it is designed for those who have never played cricket before, as well as those looking to build on what they already know.

The Dynamos Cricket app is the perfect cricket application for all children with 18 different skills videos, interactive quizzes and lots of ways for children to get active at home, even with minimal space and equipment.

Enjoy and have fun!

This week we are focusing on:

1. Batting – Sweep and Batting Basics (U7/U8/U9)
2. Bowling – Target and Technique
3. Fielding – Fielding Positions

1. Batting – Sweep

The Sweep Shot Masterclass

Batting Basics (U7/U8/U9)

2. Bowling – Target and Technique Bowling

You can make your own targets to aim for when bowling, it could be a small piece of paper and look to hit that spot with control and consistency.

Record your bowling on your tablet or phone and see if how your action compares it to your favourite bowlers. Try focusing on your body shape as you approach the stump, release the ball and follow through.

3. Fielding – Basic Fielding Positions

An example of a Setting a field and Fielding positions

Week 4 Fielding Positions

U13-U16 – Can you set a field for different bowlers or different situations? Where would you put the fielders? Send your variations through to your coach with your reasons.

You are the Umpire! 

Week 4 Umpire Signals

U10-U16 – Laws of the game

This week we are looking at the Byes and Leg Bye – Law 23.

RACC Pavilion

While you are waiting for next week’s session, take the opportunity to sit back in the ‘virtual pavilion’ and watch the incredible finale to one of the greatest tests of all time, Edgbaston 2005 Ashes.

Don’t forget to get the house involved in a game of family cricket, it is a great break from home schooling and working from home. If you are able to get out and about in a larger area, take your cricket bat and a ball and try a bit of range hitting! Keeping your social distance of course.

See you next week!

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Play Cricket

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